Monday, June 19, 2006

Not at this address

AMs should this week receive invitations from Welsh Secretary Peter Hain to his summer reception on July 25.
However the invitations have been put in the wrong envelopes.
Rhodri Morgan's has gone to Lib Dem AM Peter Black while, we're told, Mr Black's has gone to Tory AM Glyn Davies. Plaid AM Dai Lloyd was shocked to find an invitation for Brynle Williams when he opened his.
"Maybe it’s fancy dress and you have to come as the person whose invite you receive?," a Lib Dem source says.
Sadly not. The Wales Office says it's a "clerical error".
I'm reminded of the Tory MP who sent me a Christmas card postmarked January 2006.

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Cornflake King said...

I sent off for a Kellogg's Cornflakes themed cereal bowl from Kellogg's once. They sent it to the next door neighbour's by accident.