Friday, August 18, 2006

Internet sabotage

A funny story was pointed out to me on the Western Mail's website today (see below). I suspect internet sabotage.
The substance of the events within the story are not unusual though - getting spotted on telly while signing your Christmas cards in the Assembly chamber - as Lib Dem AM Jenny Randerson knows.

ALSO: This website is utterly bonkers.


Working hard Minister?
Aug 18 2006
Staff Reporter, Western Mail

LABOUR AM and Development Minister Matt Nichols was today hiding his embarrassment after cameras caught him writing Christmas Cards during an Economic debate. Minutes after the First Minister began outlining economic targets for Mr Nichols North Wales Constituency, he pulled a set of Charity Cards from his briefcase and began to add his signature and several jaunty messages.
Pictures from a member of the public clearly show him adding a beer glass to a Snowman Christmas Card and a "Nadolig Llawen" speech bubble to a Fat Santa Claus.
Mr Nichols didn't deny the incident and stated through his office that he had more than 600 cards to send this year and that as he had already read the First Minister's speech he was using his time efficiently.
Tory AM Mark Meldrum condemned this breach of protocol as "making a mockery of the debating chamber".
Mr Nichols constituents were far from happy.
Mrs Jones of Bala commented that he should be ashamed of himself and wondered haw he hoped to halt the economic decline of North Wales if he was busy writing Christmas cards.
Labour Press Officers made light of Mr Nichols Christmas Feelings, hinting that criticism was rather scrooge-like.
Yet as the costs of running this fully transparent Debating Chamber come under scrutiny, this comes as yet another hit of unemployment rates hit an all time high in the city of Cardiff.

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