Thursday, September 28, 2006

Do lame ducks swim in a one-legged circle, or something

When Tony Blair announced he will be gone within a year, Rhodri Morgan said "giving a date now would have eroded his [the PM's] ability to make decisions".
So does the same apply to the First Minister who has given the date of his departure - 2009?

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celticus said...

ITV's Lee Waters suggested recently in a programe that Rhodri could go sooner if things go pear shaped for Labour next May. Likely successors Carwyn Jones (most backing from party membership) or Andrew Davies (backing from AMs and MPs). Non-runners Jane Davidson and Edwina Hart (as flagged up in your earlier posting)Haven't seen much comment on this from other political journos and/or bloggers. Moreover, at the recent Institute of Welsh Politics conference Lee said that Huw Lewis was planning to run and he has a "shadow team" of NE and SE Wales AMs in place. Any comments or suggestions?