Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Mandate with destiny

Fascinating comments by Captain Morgan in the chamber yesterday.
Pressed on how the new devolution settlement will work, he said Parliament will not simply “rubber stamp” all applications for law-making rights forthcoming from the Assembly.
Heads were already being scratched when the FM rose for questions yesterday, following Dafydd El's ambitious prophecy that the Assembly will make 18 such applications a year.
Interpret his words as you will. Perhaps Rhodri is trying to put the frighteners on the Lib Dems, saying that a coalition with Labour would give a better quality mandate - to use his phraseology - than the mandate of a Rainbow coalition.
The First Minister said: "When you put something you must show that it has been in your manifesto. You must show that manifesto has been supported in getting your majority here.
"Of course if it was a coalition government it would be manifestos I suppose.
"But really it's the quality of the mandate because that's what gives the authority to this body to say to Westminster this is what the people of Wales want."
He added: "We are absolutely clear that Parliament isn't going to simply rubber stamp every application that comes from this body."

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