Thursday, March 01, 2007


Labour posted an interesting video attacking the Conservatives on YouTube today. Labour excitedly describes it as “too offensive for telly” and “a UK political first”.

The word “Labour” does not appear until the end, when viewers are asked to vote thus. Before that there is footage of striking miners, some of whom are carrying a big yellow Lib Dem banner.

An inadvertent sign of coalitions to come perhaps?


Glyn Davies AM said...

The video reflects Rhodri Morgan's recent tone. His recent personal attack on David Cameron was an utter disgrace - and so is this despicable video. Yet again the Labour Party demonstates its deeply unpleasant side when facing defeat. I hope, for the sake of the reputation of politics and politicians that the voters punish such unpleasantness. It really is no surprise that young people are reluctant to have any part of a process which includes this intellectual detritis.

Anonymous said...

It has to be one of the worst political broadcasts ever produced. You really wonder what sort of individuals are now being employed by the Labour party if they produce this sort of rubbish. It also says more about the Labour party's lack of ideas that it produces a video designed to appeal to the over 60s and then sends it out through the medium watched by the under 25s more than any other age group. Perhaps you could show it to a group of voters and ask them who the Tory politicians are in the video. Poor old Gillian Shepherd who wouldn't harm a fly has already been mistaken for Edwina Curry. I wonder what would happen if the people of wales had the samepowers as the voters of Doncaster who have just presented apetition for a recall referendum over the issue of an elected mayor. I think that some of those politicians in the Bay who smugly believe that the assembly has now been accepted by the majority in Wales would be in for a nasty shock.