Sunday, April 15, 2007

Call to Arms

:: Went down the Arms Park to see the Blues slaughter Edinburgh yesterday. Found myself sat next to First Minister Rhodri Morgan. Man-of-the-people Morgan is often to be found cheering on his beloved Cardiff, whom he first saw play in 1946. He said he canvassed Wales forward coach Robin McBryde when he was out door-knocking in Tumble recently. The rugby-mad Labour leader asked McBryde why the national pack scrummaged so much better against England than it did against Scotland in the Six Nations. But would he vote Labour, I enquired? "To be honest we were so busy talking about the bloody scrum I forgot to ask who he was voting for."

:: Yes, not blogged for a while. Not that you will have missed me as no-one is concerned with any blog other than Arsembly at present. He/she was, you will have seen, the subject of a piece in Golwg last week. Therein it was speculated that Arsembly's alter ego is an election candidate with a close friend who works for the BBC. One name immediately springs to mind. "It's not me," he tells me. The search goes on. I confess that I - like all of Arsembly's readers - am desperate to know the identify of the Clark Kent behind this blogging Superman.

:: See that story in the Western Mail recently about how to dress tidy in order to win votes? I hope for his sake a certain Cabinet minister did. A Labour PR asked him to take off his duffel coat before going on the telly on the campaign trail recently. "If it's good enough for Michael Foot ... " he said, as he reluctantly disrobed.


Anonymous said...

Look what happened to Michael Foot in the 1983 election.

Tiger Tales said...


Anonymous said...

Robyn is a Plaid supporter!!!

Alwyn ap Huw said...

I have translated the Golwg article.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that you haven't worked out that Arsembly is none other than David Taylor, Leighton Andrews' old sidekick and the gentle and nice bloke (not) who threw out 88 yr old Walter Wolfgang from the labour Party Conference.

Allegedly he is aided and abetted by some 'friends', all of whom are the sad anoraks who have spent their career hanging around politics trying to get jobs as researchers or one even as an AM - get a life!