Wednesday, May 02, 2007

East side story

Last day. Nearly there. Everyone's tired. Especially the Lib Dems. Their leader Mike German is today going back to his party's mid-Wales heartlands, campaigning with Mick Bates and Kirsty Williams. He's also knocking on doors in Wrexham. "Welsh Liberal Democrat campaign East Coast sweep," declares the press release. I'll let you spot the deliberate mistake there.

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cleckanndra said...

Alex Carlile has a natty way with spanners. He should take a certain couple of wannabee-wonkers behind the bikeshed and give them a lesson in Real-Politik. Their daft dreams have caused the drift we're all suffering under. And all of this is playing in to the hands of the ermine-clad-one-state's-best-for-the-taffia-conductor. This is pure pantomime - and yet another rusty nail in the coffin of respect for the national Assembly. Cleckanndra.blogspot