Friday, July 06, 2007


:: I haven't blogged since the election because I've been spending too much time on facebook. So addictive. It's like crack, only it's not bad for you, which makes it worse, if you see what I mean. Rhun ap Iorwerth has just become my 100th friend.

:: Put Pontrhydfendigaid into Google maps for a laugh. This is where Plaid Cymru is having its national council tomorrow. It looks like Ieuan has closed his eyes and stuck a pin in a map. It's in a "shed", a party press officer just told me.

:: Here's an email exchange I had with a Labour AM during Plenary recently. I'm black, he's red.

13.04 sut oedd grwp bore 'ma?

13.05 Da iawn diolch. Ces i Earl Grey am change.

13.30 how "palatable"

14.51 Mae Earl Grey yn hynod o palatable. Yn arbennig gyda cacen siocled.

15.09 darn o hwn sy' isie arno ti


David Cornock said...

Welcome back, Dan - there was I assuming you weren't blogging because nothing's happened in politics during the last 9 weeks...

Tiger Tales said...


13.04 how was group this morning?

13.05 Very good thanks. I had Early Grey for a change.

13.30 how "palatable"

14.51 Early Grey is extremely palatable. Especially with chocolate cake.

15.09 you need a piece of this

Anonymous said...

that Alun Davies needs to start doing some proper work