Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Morgan vs Morgan

Interesting comments by Eluned Morgan about the need for Welsh Labour to move to the political centreground. Marginal seats cannot be defended from the Tories by bathing them in Rhodri Morgan's clear red water, so her argument goes.
For some reason Health Minister Edwina Hart declined to respond at the Assembly Government's weekly press briefing today.
So it's worth recalling what the First Minister said before the election to put all this in context. Back in March he said he was not out to convince Tory voters to switch to Labour.
"That's one in 1,000 at the very most," he said. "Our job is to get the Labour vote out and overcome apathy, and that's the reason for my appeal to the foot-sloggers."
It will be interesting to see whether the next Welsh Labour leader will hold quite the same view of floating voters when he or she is desperately trying to regain seats like Cardiff North.

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Anonymous said...

Nobody was more Labour then I was, total Labour from the age of 12, use to help clean out the hall after meetings drop leaflets through doors for the then price of 2/6 a week, helped make tea, did everything during meetings I sit at the back of the hall and listen to speakers some very very special speakers as well real Labour.

Then when Blair won the elections I said to my wife do not worry love Labours in power now we will see a difference. Boy did I see a difference, in 1991 while at work at the Gulf Oil Refinery Milford haven I fell from an Oil tank, broke my back and massive problems with my spinal cord, lost the use of my legs had MRSA on three occasions.

What did Blair do stuffed us all, he gave me a first benefits rise of 75p, when my council tax went up by 19%, then we had the rise in gas electric water and again council tax and my benefits went up by 90p.

I was contacted by the Labour party office who asked me to get back to work to show it can be done, so I did, I went and said to my job center I want to work, they told me go home we will call you.

Then in 2000 my condition was not better but I had become use to it, using a catheter had become normal I will not tell you the rest in case your eating. I went to my Job center Plus and asked for a job, do this training you can work in the benefits office, did the training, passed in flying colours, Labour closed the benefits office.

Seven years of looking ended last week when I was sent to do the training again and then came look we have no jobs, their are no jobs, your wasting your time.

I now live on £125 a week pay rent and council tax eclectic gas water, all comes out of my money and my wife who has spina bifida we live on £35 a week.

Now next year the Welfare reforms will come into place, the new benefits will result me having a benefits cut of £45.

So sorry if after 36 years I tell Labour and the Tories to get bloody stuffed.