Wednesday, December 05, 2007

British jobs for Welsh fish

:: Gordon Brown got in a spot of bother when he promised British jobs for British workers. Critics asked whether such a policy objective was possible? Does the phrase even make sense? Either way, it is certainly more achievable than the feat that Tory AM William Graham asked of Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones in the Senedd today when he said we should be “keeping Welsh fish in Welsh rivers”.

:: If you don't understand LCOs, the Lords' Committee on the Constitution includes a handy diagram in the back of its report on this "somewhat complex" procedure.


Greg Lewis said...

I understand the "keeping Welsh fish in Welsh rivers" debate continued with the Tories hitting out at those Welsh fish who were too lazy to go out and find themselves a Welsh river.

One fumed: "When did you last see a fish on a bicycle going out to find itself a good Welsh river?"

Scottish fish, by the way, are far better represented at Holyrood, where Alex Salmon leads debates on all river matters.

Glyn Davies said...

The diagram may be complex - but the Report shows that their Lordships understand the limited role that they have as a consequence of the Government of Wales Act far better than the Commons!