Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Yule be sorry

Alun Pugh's Christmas cards are great fun for us hacks. Unfortunately it's the sort of story that turns people off politics.
Not that this questionable expenditure on the services of m'learned friends should go unexposed.
The idea was to promote Welsh-language Scrabble and by extension the Assembly Government's strategy of coaxing the private sector into using Welsh, instead of passing laws forcing businesses to “siarad Cymraeg”.
This has been extremely successful and the game has sold out, Business Minister Jane Hutt told us in the Cabinet's press briefing today.
Someone made the excellent point that if you can no longer buy the game, what's the point of promoting it on a Christmas card?
Anyone seeking advice on copyright law is welcome to come up to the fourth floor and borrow my copy of McNae's Essential Law for Journalists.

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