Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wobbly Wyn Jones holds firm

This is the epithet that Tory AMs have given Ieuan Wyn Jones.
They accused him of caving into Plaid AMs who fear being closely aligned with the Conservatives.
Sadly I fear the self-defeating irony of that is lost on most Tory AMs.
Ieuan got all angry at his press conference today.
While he was saying accusations of a wobble were “absolute nonsense” he reached across his desk to pour a glass of water.
It was a full bottle and a potentially tricky manoeuvre.
I paid close attention to his hand as he did so and can report that he held firm – did not spill a drop.

1 comment:

Mike B) said...

Perhaps that comes from pouring so many pints of Brains into his gullet.