Monday, January 29, 2007

Peasantly surprised

I love this picture of Tory AM William Graham which he puts on all his press releases. It's the kind of pose an older David Hasselhoff might strike.
For some reason my computer has deemed emails from Mr Graham's office 'SPAM'.
His latest release notes his concern that from next year UCAS will ask university applicants if their parents have a degree. The UCAS form already has - or at least it did when I filled it out in 1998 - a question about the applicant's parents' occupation. I know someone who satisfied this query with the answer "peasant".

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Tortoiseshell said...

Which ENTERPRISING minister of WAG was spotted this morning sidling into a black ministerial Volvo at Cardiff Central Station - to make the short hop down to the Bay?

At the same time, a shuttle bus turned up to take the rest of us hoi polloi to the same destination.

Intrigue mounted as the Volvo headed down Dumballs Road. Meanwhile, us in the shuttle bus headed down the "Champs Elysses of Wales".

Ministerial Volvo cut in ahead of us and beat us to the finish post (Assembly flagpoles) by about 3 lengths.