Thursday, February 14, 2008

Union of the snake

:: Had a week off for recess. Llandudno tomorrow for Labour conference. First of three weekends in a row that I will be spending in Wales's answer to Bournemouth.

:: Doubtless you will have heard about the Valentine's Day tiff between Labour and Plaid. Trade union members can go to the Plaid website and click on their union. Up pops a half-completed email addressed to your brothers/sisters, instructing them that you do not want your membership fees going towards Labour-affiliated funds.
But why this strange alteration to Plaid's site? I had a look at it yesterday when an embargoed press release came through. As instructed I clicked on some unions' logos to see how it all works. Today, when I checked back, the logos had gone, to be replaced by Plaid's daffodil. Sorry, poppy.

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