Saturday, February 16, 2008

Welsh Labour conference, Llandudno

:: A colleague and I were lurking at the back of the conference hall a moment ago. We must have looked bored because an Assembly Government minister come up to us and said: "If you like I'll set the fire alarm off and you can all go home."

:: According to the guide to fringe events, Peter Hain was due to speak. An organiser of the event confesses that he informed the Labour Party Mr Hain was pencilled in as a speaker, but then forgot to confirm with the former Welsh Secretary.

:: Just been to a conference debate on whether Y Comreds should be allowed to discuss non-devolved matters at Welsh Labour conferences. One delegate speaking in favour of the motion said it would be a good idea because then they could talk about the disestablishment of the church. Which happened in 1920. As if these occasions aren't fascinating enough.

:: There's a man down the chippy with a nice hankie who swears he's Secretary of State for Wales.

:: Always very tight security at Labour conferences. So I'm not sure how Bridgend AM Carwyn Jones got in, because his pass was accidentally issued to someone of the same name. I'm having visions of him haranguing a steward saying: "Don't you know who I am? I'm the Counsel General."

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