Friday, February 02, 2007

Rhodri Mor-gone

I must have misheard Rhodri Morgan on Waterfront last night.
When talking about the Assembly Government's programme he said, referring to 2009: "I might be gone by then, who knows?"
I thought he was referring to the end of 2009 and might therefore be reconsidering his plan of retiring during that year - mid-way through the next Assembly term, if he's still in his job - as a 70th birthday present to Wales.
But no. His spokeswoman told me: "He has not deviated from what he has said in the past."
Anyway, Gareth Hughes says Andrew Davies's entirely-spontaneous-and-not-in-any-way-scripted anti-Plaid outburst (see below) was an appeal to Labour MPs who are bending their minds towards the issue of Rhodri's successor. We wait with interest for a Carwyn counter strike.


Anonymous said...

The next leader of the Welsh Labour Party will be elected by all the party and not just by its shrinking bunch of AMs after may's posible meltdown.The winner will be the person who is able to appeal to ordinary party members as well as trade unionists.Being liked by the Welsh speaking ' Taffia' and opposition AMs from rural wales because you appease the farming lobby will not be an advantage in this contest. Always remeber that Glyn davies doesn't have avote in this contest. Some Labour Party members still remember carwyn's role in the demise of Alun Michael

Glyn Davies AM said...

Why drag me into this increasingly bitter battle. I am just an interested observer of what is going to be a meltdown followed by a 'bloodbath'.