Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tie-ger tales

Bizarre moment in the chamber today when Enterprise Minister Andrew Davies suddenly let rip on Plaid Cymru and its position on defence. He even got in a mention of Saunders Lewis's 1936 arson at Penyberth bombing school.

Anyway, I was chatting to a Plaid Cymru spin doctor afterwards who was telling me about his five-a-side antics. Made me think of this brilliant joke about a Plaid Cymru football team: 11 strikers ... no defence.

Congratulations to Kirsty Williams for guessing that the spotted tie below belongs to the very same fit-for-purpose Enterprise Minister. At least he wasn't wearing one of these.

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Tortoiseshell said...

Perhaps more revealing was Elin Jones' comment in a subsequent question. Saunders Lewis is officially less important to Plaid than the issue of the Tesco's junction in Cardigan!